About Us

Rogue Counsel is a PR agency representing video game developers and publishers with awesome products. A collective of PR consultants, our rogue agents joined forces to form a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

We are flexible, independent and effective. We have worldwide reach and affordable rates.

Did we mention a sh*t-ton of experience? Our founders, Kate Lollar and John O’Leary have successfully handled well over 100 game launches, and have 20+ combined years in the industry. Plus, they’re good people and generally fun coworkers (biased disclosure).

We consider our clients our partners and we work as such to achieve successful results for their games. Please drop us a line for more information on Rogue Counsel’s services, rates, team, track record and otherwise.

  1. hello, can you help us create a buzz about our indie iOS Game http://agrav.info?

    it will be launched sept 5th. being developers, we really need help on the marketing side…


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